Week 2: Learning the land

Dear Robin Circle Families,

Last week was so much fun, I didn’t even get a chance to take photos!

We spent most of the day exploring Chautauqua, specifically the McClintock trail where past Robin Circle has spent much of their time. During our wander, we discovered both ways to stay safe from hazards, as well as exciting new places!

A few of the hazards we covered were poison ivy, bears, flood debris, climbing, and more.

One hazard that has saddened me is that a place we call the Robin’s nest has been progressively littered upon. Sometimes we find broken glass bottles, plastic wrappers, and other trash. We talked about how to be safe in an area where people have disrespected the land and ways we can help to protect it and clean up after others.

We discovered poison ivy, and found three identifying characteristics of the plant: the leaves grow in threes, they are green, but are beginning to turn red in the fall, and the leaves have serrated edges.


We found at least 5 bear scats along the trail, and talked about what to do if we came across a bear. First, it’s important to remain calm. Make yourself look big by raising your arms and standing tall. Back away slowly and do not threaten the animal by making direct eye contact. We talked about how bears don’t want to run into us in the woods, so as long as we remain calm and have the intention of parting ways peacefully, we will be safe.


As we explored, I could see the girls becoming more and more comfortable with being in nature and practicing ways to respect the land and themselves while we play.

See you all tomorrow!

Arielle, Ventana, and Sage

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