Week four: Organic Artwork

Today, we painted.

And not only did we paint, but we made our own paints!

Over the last few weeks, we have gathered organic materials, made yucca paint brushes, and talked about the messages that our ancestors have left us on cave walls and relics around the world. What kind of messages did they leave us, and what kind of message will we leave for future generations?

We spent the first part of the day playing a new favorite, Fox Tails. We followed this with our traditional Thanksgiving Address and snack time.

Next, the girls spent 7 minutes at a Sit Spot, contemplating what story they wanted to paint.

Then, we got down to business! The girls gathered stones to use to make pigment from the organic materials. We crushed charcoal, yellow dock, sandstone and more into fine powders, creating a rainbow of pigments!

Then, we picked up our brushes and canvasses and began creating!


The array of stories that your daughters shared today were inspiring! We saw wild horses, fall trees, rainbows, family and friends, a leopard god(dess), a greek myth/comic book, and so much more!


We know your daughters had such a great time with this project, and loved creating these beautiful images from scratch! I was so impressed with their ingenuity and dedication to the process, spending three weeks preparing for a colorful (and delicious smelling) result!    IMG_8168  IMG_8170  IMG_8177 IMG_8180

Ask your daughter what story she shared with us today!


Arielle, Pinar and Rivi

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