Week 5: Getting in touch with our senses

Our senses are our innate connection to the natural world. We hear the rustle in the bushes of an oncoming predator, we see a safe and special spot for shelter, we taste what nourishes us and what ails us, we smell the soothing scent of a flower, and we feel the comfort of our mother’s arms. As humans, we are naturally equipped with the ability to engage with the environment through our senses as tools for intuitive knowing. It is only now in this modern society that we have become disconnected from our senses as a way towards wisdom, instead relying on outer sources of knowledge for guidance. Here at Feet on the Earth, however, we return to the wisdom living within our own bodies, our own senses, by living with the earth.
This week at Robin Circle, we practiced this coming back to our bodies by doing a sensory awareness exercise. After running off our energy in a fun game of fox tail tag, we settled down in a circle and received blindfolds, cutting off our most used sense, the eyes. So, one of our awesome mentors, then passed around a number of natural objects–a buck’s antler, a jaw bone, a piece of fossilized bog wood (Jet) an abalone shell, a raccoon tail–which we rubbed, smelled and touched to touch into the energy of these objects. Using our senses, we guessed what the objects were–it was amazing to see how wise the girls were without their eyes, as they nearly guessed every object!
After quite a bit of time patiently listening and quietly sitting, we decided to move our bodies–another important way to connect with the senses. Changing locations, we went to an open field and played hide and go seek tag. As I sat hiding high up in a tree, I felt my breath flowing through my body, heard the girls giggling, and saw their legs running. We had fun!
To ground ourselves before the end of Robin Circle, we then had sit spot–our special time alone in nature. I invited the girls to use their eyes to find a spot that felt special to them and then, once they were there safe and sound, to close their eyes and again notice what their other senses might bring alive. From where I sat watching the girls, I saw some embodying their animals, some peacefully sitting beneath trees, and others lying on rocks and relaxing. It was great to see all of the unique ways we can connect with our senses!
At the end of our day, we came together in a circle to share our stories, and finally to hold hands and send each other a squeeze–our closing circle as an opportunity to connect with the collective body of our community here at Robin Circle. It has been so great getting to know everyone, creating a safe space in which we can all work, play and grow together! We look forward to connecting again next week–with all of our senses!
Happy fall,
Sage :)

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