WEEK 1 Jarrow After School Program

Hello there Jarrow Families! Daelinar, Jamie, and I (Andrew) are very excited to be playing and sharing crafts and skills with your children this fall and winter! Sorry for the delay in posting, we finally got the blog figured out so there should be regular weekly postings from here on out. Jamie and I are going to be alternating writing posts so here goes the first one.

The first day of the Feet on the Earth after school enrichment program at Jarrow went off with a bang!  After playing a fun, gestural name game, to help the instructors get to know all the kids, the kids morphed into their favorite forest creature in a wildfire tag game “fire in the forest”.  Next we had snack time and went over some rules and parameters to make sure everyone stays safe while having fun over the next 8 weeks.  We continued with a coyote-call hide-and-seek game so that each of the students knows to gather up when a staff initiates a coyote call, and followed with a game of cougars and fawns.  To close out the afternoon we gathered in a circle to recap the highlights and asked the students what they would like to learn and focus on in the coming week.  We have some excellent ideas and activities and are looking forward to next week!

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