Week 2 Jarrow After School Program

Hello again! For our second week, we had another student Nikos join us and we ended up making it to Wonderland Lake! We started off the day by playing a rambunctious game of fox tails which the kids had been begging me to bring bandannas for last week. Its really great for teaching boundaries and for allowing a fun way for kids to share while using their bodies. Then we got our gear on and made our way to a nice grassy field at Wonderland Lake. Of course the mysteries of nature can’t help but show themselves even along the way and some of us got to inspect a recently killed mouse. We gave thanks and kept moving, Daelinar helping keep us safe crossing intersections. When we finally got to the Lake we ate snack, with many smores from school being eaten. Then everyone was up and checking things out and we knew it was time for a game. However, when we tried to explain the rules I realized we dont need a game just yet, first we just need to run and scream and be kids, so thats what we did! Finally after exhausting a bit of our energy, Daelinar led us in a really fun round of Wolfpack which he called Centipedes and Grasshoppers. Then Owen and Nikos decided they really wanted to share a game they play often in school called everybody is it tag where if you get tagged you can’t get back up until the person who tagged you gets tagged. Its really fun and makes everyone start rooting to get back at the person who tagged them! We got so caught up in playing games that we rushed quickly to the parking lot but still got to walk past the beauty of the lake and get caught up for a moment in its vastness. Everyone had lots of fun and are excited to return to the lake next week. Jamie is also stoked to share a craft with whoever wants to participate. See you then!



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