Week 3 Jarrow After School Program

All right! Week Three here we go! Today it was raining right before program started so we were hesitant to go right away to the lake but it ended up being a great day. We started off with the game Raccoon Steals Donut in which the kids are racoons working together to steal a certain item and bring it back to their base. A lot of them already knew it and were eager to play albeit having to revise their group strategy several times. Then we circled each other, taking turns jumping in the middle and shouting what we were grateful for. Rain, Sun, Minecraft! Afterwords, Jamie started teaching some of us how to make Pawakas which are essentially handmade leather medicine bags for safekeeping special items. A few of the kids were really excited and eagerly selected which color leather scraps to use. Jamie then helped them punch holes around the edges so that they can begin to sew them together next week. Some of the other children were really fascinated with the crates they have on campus and began building lots of intricate forts and towers together. They even built some as tall as a few of the Pine Trees next to the playground. Then we went to the park and managed to actually get right next to the lake where inevitably deep exploration of the land ensued. Grasshoppers were caught, mud was drawn on faces, cattails were harvested, tracks investigated, seed rattles shaken. It was a great time and the kids really shifted their energy to being more grounded and present. Hopefully you have good washing machines or hoses because some of the kids got fairly muddy, mostly accidentally from harvesting cattails. However, mud is one of the most fun things there is so you can rest assured we all had a great time :) Looking forward to next week to keep working on our projects and doing more exploration of the land!



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