Week 4 Jarrow After School Program

In the Jarrow program last Tuesday we mixed up the activities quite a bit to cater to each child’s varying interests!  We kicked off the day with a game of “fire in the forest” to get out some of that pent up energy the kids had from being in school all day.  Next, we played a game of “centipedes eat grasshoppers” which is a tag game that encourages the kids to work together, as a team, in order to win.  We continued the keeper pouch project, for those who were interested in completing their leather pouch necklaces to store their nature treasures that they find, and they turned out great!  In the midst of making the keeper pouches, some of the kids used their creativity to make their own bow and arrows!  This sparked an interest and conversation about the age old tradition of bow drilling as a method to make fire.  Stay tuned for next week’s festivities…some bow drilling excitement may be on the horizons.

–  Jamie


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