Final weeks at Robin Circle

Our last two weeks at Robin Circle were joyous, full of play and celebration!

During week 9, we spent the day at play. We played a long game of Raccoon Steals Donut, one of our groups’ favorites. After practicing our sneaking and teamwork skills, we jumped right into a game of Capture the Flag! Teams were made, and flags were hidden. I watched as the girls searched for the other team’s flag. Sometimes, it was found quickly, but when the team was prepared, they were able to tag the other before their flag was retrieved. Other times, when most of the team had been tagged out, it was more difficult. As the game went on, the girls improved visibly. They learned how to use their time wisely to retrieve their captured team mates. They learned how to best divide their team so that there were always people guarding the flag, and others seeking the other team’s base. After about 3 rounds, we were out of time and out of breath!


During our final week at Robin Circle, we opened the day playing a fun game of Bob the Weasel. In this game, there is “Bob”, who in this case, was a little stuffed mountain goat named Maggie. One girl stands in the middle while the rest form a tight circle around them. Once the one in the middle says they are ready, Bob is passed around behind the backs of those standing in the circle, while we chant “Bob the Weasel”. While this is happening, the one in the middle has three chances to guess who is holding the weasel. While they aren’t looking, those on the outer circle are allowed to show Bob to the rest of the circle, and when this happens, everyone who sees Bob says, “I saw the weasel!” The girls did a great job of strategically passing the animal around the circle, and the girls who stood in the center did a great job of finding out where the weasel was!


Following this activity, we facilitated a new kind of thanksgiving activity. During this exercise, we shared foods that were important in our families or our ancestry. Sage brought a beautiful wooden bowl into which each girl placed an imaginary piece of some special food that was special to them. After hearing about Grammie Rolls, Baklava, and delicious spaghetti, we were getting pretty hungry! We had a little bit of free play time before the parents showed up, so we headed down to the field to get some energy out!


Once the families began to arrive, the excitement level rose! Both Magpie and Robin Circles had their potlucks today, so we decided to join our circles to celebrate. We called all of the people together and formed a large circle next to the picnic area. One by one, we shared our names, our nature names (if we have one) and a highlight of the season. It was so inspiring to hear the young ones sharing their favorite moments of playing games, participating in sit spot, learning how to sneak, learning how to weave baskets, practicing fire making, and making hot cocoa for one another!

Parents shared their highlights as well! I heard many say that they were so happy to have found the Feet on the Earth Community, that seeing their child in nature was a joy for them, and many shared their appreciation for the work that all of the mentors do for their children.

One comment that stood out to me was an appreciation of this blog. One mother said that her highlight was reading the blog each week because not only was she able to see all of the things that we did every week, but she felt like she was learning so much from reading the posts! This is one of our goals at Feet on the Earth! Not only do we hope to educate the young ones that we work with, but when this information is shared beyond our direct participants, we know that we are doing a good job!

After our long sharing circle, everyone was pretty chilly and hungry, so we commenced the feast! The young magpies and robins rushed to the table to make a plate for their parents. Once everyone had their plates, we all sat down together to eat and talk. It was such a fun celebration and we are so thankful to be able to share some time with the families of these wonderful children with which we work. Thanks to all of the family members that joined us for our celebration. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to YOU for bringing your child to our programs and supporting the important nature connection work that we do. We couldn’t be so successful without you!


We look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring. Happy Hibernation!


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