Week 8: Shelter building

Dear Hawk Circle families,

This week at Hawk Circle, we spent the majority of our day building a shelter for Hawk Circle! After a quick game and a round of gratitude, Pinar showed the girls how to build a small one-person shelter. We wanted to focus on a small shelter, since our time is so limited. After learning about the basic shelter looks like this:670px-Make-a-Shelter-in-the-Wilderness-Step-4.jpg

We began searching for the location of our shelter. We found a few openings that had decent tree cover. We decided on the larger opening, as the girls were insistent that the shelter was able to fit all of us! We love the inclusivity of this decision, but we knew it would limit us on how much we could complete in the day. We divided forces in order to accomplish more. A few girls went to look for Y shaped sticks. Two Y shaped sticks are placed at one end of the shelter that hold the backbone stick. We luckily stumbled across 2 large pieces of freshly cut aspen that we would decide between as our back bone stick. The next group of girls began searching for the rib sticks. These are placed all along the backbone stick in order to create the “roof” of the shelter. The third team took my small tarp and filled it with as many leaves and bushy branches as they could find. These serve as the “shingles” so as to protect the shelter from weather.

We spent the entirety of our time together building the shelter. After some troubleshooting and placement of rocks, we had the basic frame set up! Here’s what we accomplished:



Thanks for another amazing week! See you at the potluck :)

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