Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration

Dear Hawk Circle Families,

Pinar, Rivi and I want to extend our deepest gratitude to you all for joining us for the beautiful potluck celebration this past Monday! What a wonderful gathering it was! We are impressed by your ability to stick out the cold, rainy weather with us. Thank you!

Before you all arrived with us on Monday, we played a fun game of Otter Steals Fish. This game involves one girl standing in the middle, while the rest in a circle around her. The one in the middle is the Heron, and she is guarding a fish (in this case, a bandana). The rest around her are Otters, and their goal is to steal the heron’s fish! This is a game of quickness and stealth! We played a number of rounds before getting together for thanksgiving. We shared our gratitude for the rain, our close knit group, families, and so much more!

Our next activity was one that we might call the Ancestral Web. This is a storytelling circle where each of us shared one story, memory, ancestral food, or fact about our elders and ancestors. As we shared, we passed a ball of yarn around. When the ball was passed, each of us held onto the string, so that by the end, we had formed a beautiful web! This was such an amazing activity because of how much we all learned about each other. I found out that Chloe and I share our Australian heritage (she was the only one in the group who really knew how gross Vegemite is!). I learned of Lolita’s revolutionary abuela (grandmother). How connecting it is to share these stories of our families and where we come from!

Following this activity, we quickly went over all of the fun things we did this year, and asked the girls to think of one thing that was their highlight of the year that they would share with the group.

We released the kids into free play and they promptly began running around in the rain! Soon enough, the families began arriving with food and beverages to share.

After the girls got most of their energy out in the rain, we called together a circle in which each of us shared our name, nature name (if we had one) and our highlight of the year. It was so good to hear the girls sharing how much they enjoyed the activities we did this year, including making paintbrushes, building shelter, learning about camouflage, and tracking deer!

After the circle, the girls made plates of food for their parents, and we promptly began the feast!

This is always such a beautiful celebration, and like I said at the circle, I can’t thank you all enough for the opportunity I’ve had the last 2 years to spend with your daughters. They are all so special to me and it has been a pleasure learning and growing with them! We look forward to next Spring, and hope to see all of you then!

Love and gratitude,


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