A Song of Fire!

This past week was our last session of Village Day for the entire Fall and Bobcat Clan really stepped up and showed us what they are made of!

Our amazing Elder Jane (who drives from SE Denver each week just because she loves your kids and the Village so much) made it down early to tell us all one last chapter in a narrative that she started telling sometime last year.  The kids were entranced and we cannot wait to hear more next year!

We lucked out and Jane wanted to hang out with Bobcat Clan all day, so Satya and Quinn took Jane by the hands and helped guide her over the bridge and through the flood -deposited rock field to our Bobcat home base.  It was a cold day and we always want to make our elders comfortable so the Bobcats we challenged to make a fire for Jane in 15 minutes! If you are following our clan, then you may remember 3 or 4 weeks ago when this crew was challenged to make a fire in 30 minutes?  Well they obviously learned something because this time, everyone seemed more focus and new just what to do! With little guidance and a few questions from the adults, the kids had a tinder bundle and structure ready to light within 15 minutes! The first match was a dud, but Wyatt set the tinder bundle to flame with the second and Mariajose pushed it into the middle of the structure that she had helped build.  They had made a beautiful raging fire!

After lunch we had a special challenge in store for the clan.  Wendy lined everyone up in alphabetical order and split the kids into pairs.  Some really fun random pairing occurred! Once in these groups, we set them up with the challenge of making a Fairy Fire and keeping it lit for 15 full minutes! Fairy Fires are built using materials no longer or thicker then your pinkie. This is not only really fun, but working with a fire like this in miniature can teach you a ton about tending a big fire! You have to keep a constant eye on your fire and keep feeding it or else it can go out mighty quick!

When each group was ready, Jane was waiting by the fire to monitor each group getting their own coal from the fire and transferring it to their structure.  This is not always as easy as it sounds and almost every group had to return for a second coal because the first went out.

The hour or so that this was going on may have been my favorite hour of the whole year! Every single kid was fully engaged and alive and cooperating marvelously with their partners and encouraging others as well.  The pics above can give you a little glimpse in but they really cannot do it full justice!

Everyone was able to get a fire going and keep it lit for 15 minutes or more! The earliest groups to get theirs lit had it going for about 45 minutes!

We ended the day sharing highlights of the year and appreciations for each other.  I for one feel blessed to be a part of this amazing group and that I get to do this for work!

Enjoy the winter break with your families and hopefully you get to share some quality time somewhere in nature! We look forward to hearing stories from the kids when we return in January!


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