A Song of Ice…

December started looking like it should for Village Day: White and Cold! Yay! There was snow on the ground and sun shining in the blue sky and ice solidifying most of the Left Hand Creek!

Everyone seemed to arrive in a joyous mood as many of us had yet to have a chance to play in the snow this year! Lorene got the ball rolling in the big circle by telling us an awesome story of her own.  This story chronicled her tracking of a Red Fox over the course of several years at her old sit spot in Vermont.  The story also tied in the idea of letting the land take a rest and planting the seed that we are allowing the land we gather on to rest for the 5 weeks that we are soon to be off.  The whole circle left with visions of fox tracks dancing in their heads!

The Bobcat clan had yet to claim an area as our official home base.  In the two weeks we were off Todd Paulsmeyer, a parent, took it upon himself to spearhead a temporary bridge building project! He and a group of volunteers were able to build a put a bridge in place so we can easily cross the creek!

This opened up a lot of landscape to us and unanimously the Bobcats decided that we should make the fire pit where their fire challenge occurred a few weeks ago should be our official home base! This is an amazing area with lots of resources for building a shelter and fire making.

Along the way there were plenty of amazing tracks.  Some of us backtracked what we think was a Red Fox up a bank and up to a log it had jumped off! Pretty cool!  The river had frozen pretty solid in most places and the kids were all drawn to the ice like magnets!

We actually played a favorite game, Rabid Badger, out on the ice and it was really fun and tricky to move on the ice and really cold if you were not dressed properly!

We oddly enough did not make a fire on this cold, icy day since the sun was so bright, but instead got to work in a frenzy of activity to ready our camp for winter.  There was tidying up of the fire pit area, collecting and storing tinder/fire wood and dragging big logs in for shelter building.  Similar to a few weeks ago when the entire Village collected and processed firewood there was an infectious energy and all of the kids were really hustling!

After lunch the kids needed some “Let it rip!” time and naturally were pulled back to the ice where were found Bear Clan drawn there as well! Lots of fun sliding and ice breaking and rock skipping ensued!

We made it back to closing circle and got to act out a skit to tell our Story of the Day to the group… Not surprisingly, every single clan’s story involved: ICE!



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