Week 8 – Fall Wrap Up

It was so cold on the last Fall Day of Chickadee Circle that my fingers have just thawed now enough for me to type this!

But we had a lot of fun anyway! Being the last day, Sparrow, Chickadee and Wren circles all met up at Park East and we started our day all together by playing one of my new favorite games, Entourage. It is a combination of two games. Bear, Trout, Mosquito, which is an adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissors is the first one.  You basically mill around until you lock eyes with someone and engage in one round of Bear, Trout, Mosquito.  The winner goes on, and the vanquished becomes that person’s entourage! They follow them around like a hip-hop hype man and chant their name and cheer for them as they challenge other folks! If your person gets bested then the whole line joins the winners posse!  It gets really silly, and really fun, REALLY QUICK! I especially enjoyed the fact that the quietest kids seemed to keep winning! A fun way to break the ice between groups!

After that, we shared some thanks together Then the Wren Circle girls taught and led us in a beautiful song! They showed strong leadership and beautiful voices!

We all parted ways to have some closing time with clans.  For the Chickadees, this meant sharing some favorite moments from the Fall and discussing goals for the Spring! And of course since it was so cold, playing some favorite running games.  A few of the boys brought their own game that they wanted to lead.  The usually play with just two of them so it was a little tricky for them to adjust the game to fit 6 people. It was fun to try though and I appreciate that the kids feel comfortable enough to lead their own games!

At the end of the day, the groups came back together for a potluck and sharing circle.  It was FRIGID and getting dark (and we cannot have fires in the park) so it didn’t feel as cozy I would have liked! Nevertheless it was great to connect with the families and hear the kids share about how these precious few hours outdoors afterschool are affecting them in positive way!

I am getting really excited about the Spring session that starts Feb. 3rd, but we still need more kids to ensure the program will run! Registration ends JANURARY 27th!





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