Wild Housekeeping and Shelter Building

The Bobcats brought some attention to our home zone this week.  We established a sweet clan fire pit and base camp late last fall.  Today we decided to all pitch in together and work on making it feel more hospitable.

Some were inspired on working on a shelter which meant finding and carrying over some super long and strong fallen trees to serve as load-bearing ridgepoles. We also discovered a bunch of old Teepee poles that had been buried in the flood.  There were about a dozen of them lodged several feet in the ground exactly where we wanted the shelter to be.  So this actually took a lot of work to get each pole out.  Rosie, Quinn and Wyatt helped get it started and a bunch of others rotated through.  Some splinters were definitely delivered,  but after a sustained effort, we were able to liberate the poles! Many of the shorter poles may even be useful as we construct our shelter.

We don’t want to construct a shelter that is unsafe or will fall down, so we worked carefully to ensure that the ridgepoles were secure.  The Bobcats are working on a custom design that we will hopefully be able to finish once the snow melts off.

While others were working on the shelter, the rest of the Bobcats tidied up and beautified our little camp in the floodplain.  Our location means we have a ton of resources at our disposal for fire, shelter, and other projects.  But it also means that there is a lot of debris everywhere! So some of the crew set about clearing the area around our fire ring and establishing some clear paths.

We still have a lot of work to do and much like our chores at home, the Bobcat Clan will continue to revisit our shelter and camp maintenance on a regular basis! And we will learn a lot and have fun while doing it!




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