Ice Fishing


With another cold beautiful day upon us, the Bobcats started out playing some old favorite running games to get the blood moving! We played the old perennial favorite, “Fire in the Forest”! The kids kept clamoring for mythical creatures to be included so after a few rounds we morphed into a new game, “Black Hole in the Fairy Garden”.  If you a wondering, yes. It did get really weird and really silly and we all had a blast! (No fairies were harmed in the playing of the game).

After that several of the Bobcats took up the challenge of being led blindfolded across the snow-covered landscape while the others either carried a coal for the fire or helped lead their fellow clan-mates who were without the use of their eyes.   Nothing helps you sink into your other senses quite like taking away your sight. I challenge you at home to take something you do often and take for granted (be it eating lunch, brushing your teeth, playing an instrument, singing, etc.) and do it while blindfolded. I bet your Bobcat would be game too. We would love to hear stories if anyone takes this on.

Speaking of stories, today at lunch everyone sat together in a circle and took turns telling and listening to each others’ stories.  It really felt bonding as a group and we learned a little bit more about all of the other friends in our clan.

Wendy was super excited about the potential of fishing in the ice, and she came with some inspired energy around making fishing hooks to fish with in the frozen river!

Since we had a couple of new members of the group and had been off for a whole month, we reviewed our knife safety protocol.  The kids were able to remember the guidelines and help teach the new guys the ropes. I got to certify each new member individually while the rest of the kids spread out and set to work carving different designs of hooks.

I just love these days when the whole group is focused on a project. I know kids have more work to do on these, I am excited to see how they come out! Maybe we will have Trout over the fire for lunch soon?




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