Welcome Back Chickadees!


It seems like a long time, since the Chickadees took a break at the end of last fall!
We are back and everyone is excited to be there. We even have a few new kids and an Intern, Rivi!  It should be a great season!

With over a foot of snow dropping down the day before our first session we jumped right in! The influx of snow and blue skies made for a super fun first day back and a lot of good bonding and playing happened right off the bat!

The returning Chickadees helped show our new friends the ropes and we explored some old favorite spots and played a running game in the sun! After that, we focus up and went to work on a snow shelter.  Usually we would pile a huge 6 x 10 foot pile of snow let it settle and dig a Quinzee out of it.  But the kids all decided that we should use the pile of plowed snow at the edge of the park!  This was kind of icy and really hard, but with teamwork, hard work, shovel hands and super strong sticks; we were able to carve a structure big enough for two kids to fit in!

Tomorrow, we will see how well it held up in the week of sunny weather that we have had!



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