Welcome Back Robin’s Circle!

Our first Robin Circle was filled with excitement, snow, and fun! We started our time together with some good-old-fashioned snow play. Francesca was thoughtful enough to make everyone snow popsicles while rest of the girls helped build a snow creature. After some play time we gathered for opening circle where everyone introduced themselves and what they are excited to learn about in nature this season. We welcomed the newest member of Robins Circle, Kaitlin, and proceed to pick our nature names. The girls were very excited by their names, and were ready to learn more about their unique birds.  

After sitting in opening circle and picking our nature names, we were ready to play. All of us headed up to Deer Meadow where we built a communal art piece to honor the land and the deer that frequent the meadow. Our communal art offering was a grass bed for the deer and various plants for the deer to eat. Lydia and Savannah collected a lot of food for the deer, while Francesca made a vase for ambiance, and Kaitlin helped work on the bed. The enthusiasm around building the deer bed reminded Lydia of a meadow she visited last season where she saw several deer. With Lydia as our guide we went to the Meadow.

On our way to the meadow we stopped at a lovely tree and the girls practiced embodying their nature name (native birds to Colorado). We had a brief look at Lydia’s meadow and then had to head back to the shelter. Before parting everyone contributed what they were hoping to learn and do during our time together this season. Lydia was excited to learn more about her nature name and camouflage. Savannah wanted to do what more of what was worked on last season, and make hot chocolate again. Francesca wanted to build on skills each week and incorporate fire. Kaitlin was also excited about fire and her nature name. We concluded our first Robins Circle with enthusiasm and a good energy about our upcoming season together.



With gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar, & So


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