It’s Tracking Season!

We welcomed a new member, Lauren, to Robin’s Circle this week! All of the girls are at Flatirons, and know Lauren from school so they excitedly welcomed her with open arms. We began our time together playing Fire in the Forrest. In Fire in the Forrest, someone stands in the middle and chooses 3 animals. The girls on the sidelines pick one of the animals and when the person who is “it” in the middle yells the name of the animal the girl on the sideline picked, they have to run across without being tagged. Fire in the Forrest let us get out some energy and was the perfect opening to our theme of the day: Tracking.

The field were we played Fire in the Forrest was home to a vol who left a track under the snow which had since melted. The girls were able to learn about the tracks and the difference between a mole and a vol. We transitioned into snack time and where Lauren received her nature name! Everyone shared what they were grateful for, and a lot of the girls said they were grateful to be in the group :)


After snack we headed to the picnic shelter where So taught us about identifying tracks using caster-molds. Among many of the facts the girls learned was that feline tracks use a leading toe whereas canine tracks are perfectly symmetrical. Identifying the Deer tracks excited Lydia and she asked if we could visit the deer bed in Deer Meadow that we had offered the previous week. We began our walk to the meadow walking off trail which let us discover a lot tracks, poop, and signs of deer.


Sadly, our deer offering was blown away from high amounts of wind last week. However, we were able to see that deer had visited our offering because the grass was ripped and eaten in a way signature to deers and there was deer poop everywhere. We made plans to visit the meadow next week, and headed back to the picnic shelter feeling good knowing that deer at visited our offering.

Until next time!

With Gratitude,

Mariah, So, & Pinar :)

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