Nutty Squirrels


Fun times in the Chickadee World!

This week, we learned one of my favorite games – Nutty Squirrels!   It is a gem where we break into teams of two. Among the team, they decide who wants to be a Mama Squirrel and who wants to be a Blind, Baby Squirrels.  In this game the Mama has taught her baby to defend potential territory by throwing “nuts”! (balled up socks)
Mama and Baby get a few minutes to come up with signals to use since talking is not very helpful in this game.  If Baby gets hit by a nut, Mom and Baby are both out and get to watch the rest of the VERY ENTERTAINING game from the boundary! If Mama gets hit, her Blind Baby is left to fend for themselves! It is a great way to drop into our senses, as the babies that deeply listen seem to be that last ones left in this game!

Everyone got a chance to be both Mama and Baby and we even played a next level round where EVERYONE started as a Blind Baby!  Sweet, sweet organized chaos!

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