Sunshine, Friends and Fun

The fun keeps coming in Bobcat Clan and at Village Day in general!

We have been blessed with sunshiny days the last few weeks and it has been a joy to be out in the canyon enjoying it!  There has been so much going on, it is hard to know what to write about.

Should I talk about the Village-wide push to collect and process firewood that left us with three pallets worth of potential wood to burn?

Or the time we met up with Buddies who were younger/older then us and create teams of Mama and (Blind) Baby Squirrels who love to throw nuts at each other?

Or the incredible clan bonding that has been occurring?

Or the progress made building our epic and unique Bobcat shelter?

Or the amazing altars to the land some of us created?

Or the tandem friction fire work that some of the clan has been practicing?

Or the awesome “coat hangers” Quinn taught us how to make?

Or the super fun games we have been playing?

Or the sweet songs we have been teaching or learning?

Or the cool tracks we found?

Or the random nature mysteries?

Or the stories we have told and heard?

Too many choices! Don’t forget to ask your Bobcat for their take on these stories!!!

See you in the sunshine!

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