Sink & Fade

What a wonderful and beautiful Tuesday we had together at Robin’s Circle. Spring is coming so quickly which means blooming flowers, chirping birds, and deer shedding their antlers. With the special time of transition between the seasons our time was spent together exploring Deer Meadow, learning about camouflage, and using our eagle eyes to spot fallen deer antlers.

We began our day with a discussion of elk and deer, and how they shed their antlers. Pinar taught the girls that it is the season when elk and deer shed their antlers, and was aided by a deer skull and antlers. With snacks in hand we set out for Deer Meadow with the intention of finding antlers.

So surprising the girls wearing a gilly suit

The girls had no idea there was a surprise waiting for them as we played sink and fade on the trail towards Deer Meadow. Sink and fade is a game where the person who is it yells sink and fade and everyone else try to fade into the forrest as quietly as possible and disguise themselves. The person who is it, then tries to spot everyone else that has disguised themselves. Pinar lead a round of sink and fade and once all of the girls had been found they were surprised by So who had been camouflaged and hidden right in the middle of our game! So was wearing a gilly suit, which not only makes a person look like a swamp monster, but is also the perfect camouflage.

Kaitlin and Lydia share a “Camo Shawl” while Francessca hides in front. Can you spot So?

Everyone put on their best camo gear as we approached Deer Meadow. Once there, we meandered and searched for antlers. The cam0 theme continued when we played eagle eye. Eagle Eye is played by the “eagle” counting down while everyone else hides. The eagle tried to spot everyone only using one eye (covering the other), if you are not spotted in the first round the eagle counts down from a lower number and you have to move closer. Kaitlin made it to round two of Eagle Eye, and was given away by her hair. Eagle Eye helped the girls practice their camo skills.

Searching for antlers

After a couple rounds of Eagle Eye we headed back towards the picnic shelter to conclude our day together. Excitement ensued on our way back, because several 2nd grade boys from Flatirons were yelling to the girls from across the meadow. This lead to some distraction in finding the trail, but gave us a chance to go off trail and make our way back using instincts. That conclude Robin’s Circle :)

With Gratitude,

Mariah, So, & Pinar

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