Chickadees in the Trees


Last week was great.  Some of the kids from another after school program, SAP, were in the park that day so we teamed up after snack for some big running games! It is a blast to play those with 15-20 kids so I think we were all glad for the opportunity!

But the far and away highlight of last week for the kids was getting up into the trees! One Grandfather Willow was especially inviting and over some good and safe, but challenging, climbing!   Closer to the ground, the kids started developing a parkour practice course!

At the end of the day, some of us were making little willow rings (or Nature Frisbees as the Chickadees call them ;) ) when we needed some cordage! I got to show a few of them how to reverse wrap grass into rope, it seems like it is time to introduce a few more skills this spring!

One Comment on “Chickadees in the Trees

  1. Remy’s super-stoked about the cord making…he’s soaking up some grass to bring Wednesday and learn more.

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