Sun, Moon, Stars

Last week at the Village, we divided up in a different way then normal! After So told everyone an amazing true story about someone named Faun who didn’t necessarily feel like a boy or a girl.  When Faun’s class of adults had to opportunity to learn from a Native Elder in Southern California, they learned that this man was splitting the group up into boys and girls. We were nervous listening that Faun would feel bad or have to chose one group or another. Instead, the Elder told them that in his culture people who don’t necessarily feel more male or female are seen as a bridge between sexes and given special roles in ceremony! So instead of feeling awkward, Faun was honored with holding a special role in the ceremony that day!

After that we split into Sun, Moon, and Star Societies based on preference.  I was a part of the Sun society, but cannot speak to the other societies too much. (except for all of the radiant smiles I saw as everyone regrouped our circle at the end of the day!)

In the Sun Society, we bonded first by playing some super fun favorite games like Fire in the Forest and Otter Steals Fish.  We then talked about what it means to be a man. Naturally stereotypes came to the surface! After we talked through them a bit (with GREAT input from  the boys) everyone agreed that men were there to be in service to the community and we all agreed to keep our eyes and ears up for ways to help!

We then split into smaller mixed age groups and practiced throwing rocks and sticks at targets.  The instructors got pretty inventive with targets, the two coolest I heard we a skeet shooting style and the other was dropping a log in upstream and trying to hit it as the current swept it!

There were some sweet moments in my group with the older boys helping the younger ones get across the creek and around some obstacles! It is really clear how much the younger guys look up to and respect the older guys, so I am especially pleased when I see the elders being respectful of the youngsters as well!

After lunch, there was some great time of choice based activities! We had mixed age groups, crushing rocks to make art, making bows, working on fire, telling stories, throwing rocks, finding creatures, burning bowls and more!

My favorite time of the day was getting to lead a version of the rowdy Irish tune, “The Rattlin’ Bog”! By the end even the coolest Tweens were dancing a jig arm in arm and singing along!

We plan to have another day in the societies later this year and I cannot wait!

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