Ghillie Capes & Signs of Spring!

This week at Robin Circle, we had a delightful surprise from Hawk Circle girls. We saw their beautiful and elaborate fairy houses they made, which inspired the Robins to make their own soon! After a fairy house tour, each one of us shared what we have been noticing as signs of spring. There was much excitement about the birds, blossoms and buds! 

Continuing from our theme last week, we deepened into scouting by crafting our very own ghillie capes. We brought some netting material as well as jute and an assortment of colors and textures of yarn. In addition to putting threads through the netting, the girls had the amazing idea to put sticks, flowers, spruce cones, and leaves. Such creativity and good scout thinking to blend into our environment. 


Lydia made her cape into almost a dress! Francesca made holes in the netting so she could cover her face entirely and still see out of the threads. We are still in the process of finishing since the threading takes time. We all got into the “zone” of concentration with our craft and Savannah took advantage of that by sneaking up on the rest of the Robins!


After working on our ghillie suits for the day, we took them out for a test run! We found a good spot to play Eagle Eye, which we played the previous week. Wow, are these Robins getting better and better at finding good coverage! The ghillie capes definitely helped their sneaking skills! 

We’re looking forward to continuing working on our sneaky scout skills and ghillie capes as spring blossoms, the skunks come out and the fawns bound about!

Wild Gratitude,

Pinar, So & Mariah

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