Week 2: Storytelling Circle and Tracking!

Dear Hawk Circle Families,

As I drove into Boulder yesterday and saw the clouds looming over the Flatirons, I knew the day would be a magical one!

A beautiful guest joined us today; a storyteller that many of you might know: Jane! She has spoken at Village day, and to the Kestrel Circle.

To open, we played a few rounds of Raccoon Steals Donut, a group favorite full of sneaking and teamwork!

We moved up to the big field West of the picnic tables and sat down for Thanksgiving and snack. After bringing our hearts and minds together, I asked Jane to introduce herself. She brought us a very special story about some girls who encountered struggles in their friendship.

The girls, Lily, Rose, and Violet, were the best of friends. But eventually, Violet had to start taking care of her younger siblings which interfered with her time spent with her friends. Throughout the story the girls encountered many challenges including loneliness, vulnerability, making new friends, and speaking truthfully. In the end of the story, one of the girls had reached out to a close family friend who helped facilitate the girls in opening up about the struggles they were having as a group. This made space for all the girls to feel heard and included, and really opened the group up to understanding that everyone had complex feelings that needed to be vocalized so that everyone could feel comfortable!

The girls made promises that they would speak truthfully to one another in order to maintain that honesty within their friendship. It was a beautiful tale that we all enjoyed greatly! Ask your daughter about the story sometime to hear more details!

After we sent Jane on her way home, Melissa taught us a beautiful Spanish song about Pachamama. This is a Spanish word for Mother Earth. We sang many times and danced together to keep warm!

Then we grabbed some field guides and went on a wander to start identifying some local plants and animal tracks! The first one we encountered was the Poison Hemlock. This is always a great plant to review because it is one of the few deadly plants in our area. We identified it together and even saw some new growth right below a fallen seed pod! How cool!

We continued on the wander and found other signs of new growth, like dandelion leaves, grasses, and budding leaves on the bushes and trees! We told Melissa about how a few years ago we made wild plum jam together and we all got quite excited for Spring and Summer!

We continued down to the Robin’s nest where we did a bit of climbing, found a mysterious animal track and scat, and Sophia even discovered a new trail that we hadn’t been on before! She led us down the trail and back up to the tables where we parted ways.

Hope you all enjoyed a snowy night at home. See you next Monday!

With gratitude,


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