Week 4: The art of shelter building

Dear Hawk Circle Families,

This past week, we spent our day learning a new skill that delves into our preparation for our overnight – shelter building! While we won’t be building our shelter at the overnight, it brings up some important points of how to stay safe and work together.

To prepare for our shelter-building challenge, we played a couple of teamwork and trust based games. First, we played a game about bird language. Each girl is blindfolded and led to a different place in the field. Once placed, she is taught a bird call! (We used “chickadee dee dee!”, “chip chip cheerio!” and “caw caw!”) Then, each girl makes her bird call and has to find the others who are making the same noise, all while blindfolded! This is a great game to practice trusting our senses (we must step safely and softly, while also listening deeply!) and is also quite fun to watch!

Once the girls found their flocks, we played another game! In pairs, one girl is blindfolded, and the other leads the blindfolded girl to a tree of their choice. The path can be roundabout, and we even had some dancers! Once she is there, the blindfolded girl spends some time with the tree. She can hug it, feel its bark, smell it, and even climb it! Then, the blindfolded one is retrieved by her partner, and led back to the home base where she removes her blindfold. Then the challenge is to find the tree where she was! Every girl was able to find her tree!

Then, in the flocks that were created in the first game, we began our fairy house challenge!

The challenge of the day went like this:

Each group had 5 minutes to flip through some books about shelter building to get some design ideas. Then, they had 5 minutes to find a good building location and 10 minutes to gather some supplies. Then the rest of the time was devoted to construction!

Each shelter had to achieve 4 things:

First, it had to withstand the weight of a rock about the size of 2 fists.

Second, it had to withstand water being poured on its roof for 5 seconds.

Third, it had to fit a small wooden owl (about 1.5” tall” inside.

Fourth, it had to include some kind of “special feature” (their eyes really lit up when they heard this one!)

Watching the teamwork emerge in each group, the overcoming of stresses, the creativity and the pure enjoyment that emerged was magical! Needless to say, each of our 3 fairy homes withstood the tests of the elements and were quite decked-out in special features!

Another beautiful day!

With gratitude,



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