Fairy House Fun

Hello again! This week at Robin Circle we missed So and Pinar, but were joined by Arielle (Last seasons Robin Circle mentor). We started our day with a game of fox tails. In fox tails everyone starts with a bandana tucked into their pants as their tail, the goal is to collect as many tails as possible. If another fox snags your tail you have to sit down and try to grab a tail from a fox running by to get back in.

After letting out some energy in fox tails we had snacks and set our days intention to work on our ghillie capes and build fairy houses. We headed towards the base of Chautauqua to explore a new area and gather materials for our houses. Gathering rocks, mountain sage, sticks, grasses, and prairie flowers we began to build.

Francessca, Lydia, and Kaitlin built their fairy house in the nook of a rock to give their fairies protection from the wind and a deck to watch the sun rise and set. Savannah and Lauren built a more spacious home open to the elements with strong rock walls.

Our homes constructed and our day close to an end we set out for the picnic shelter. Though we did not get to practice camo or build on our ghillie suits we had a really playful day and enjoyed the sunshine.

With Gratitude,

Mariah & Arielle


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