Solo Fires!

We had a cool challenge for the Bobcats a couple weeks ago where we had them each make a separate, solo one match fire!   One duo chose to stick together.   Each person had 5 minutes to gather materials and then 5 minutes to assemble them.  Then we walked around to see each fire setup before the kids had a chance to light it into a sustainable fire with one match!

Wendy and I were impressed at the kid’s knowledge and hustle! We learned a lot but the big takeaway was the importance of a TINDER BUNDLE!!!  Those fires that had a tinder bundle went right up and those that didn’t have one did not.  The cool part was that the groups that didn’t have a bundle added one and their structures lit right up too!

The kids wanted to tend their fires, so everyone had a separate lunch time around their own fire!  I am grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate these things because I am not sure how many kids are able to tend their own lunch fires!

It got pretty hot by lunch time, so we doused the fires with water and disappeared them back to the land before playing games and having some free time that heavily featured bare feet, tracking and the getting wet in the creek!

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