Fire & Rain

After a week apart we gathered together for Robin Circle with the intention of fire. What began as a warm day in Boulder turned to a rainy one during Robin Circle. This was a blessing in disguise because we learned how to collect fire supplies and build a fire in rain and snow.

Our time together started with a hand drill coal demonstration by So. The girls were very excited to see smoke coming from the wood and the dust that formed into a coal. Lauren and Kaitlin worked together to make dust with the hand drill during our circle sharing of spring break stories. After we shared and had snack, we explored the land to gather supplies to build our fire. We gathered dry leaves, dried tall grass, and twiglets (small twigs) to create our fire.


Bringing our bounty back to the “fire pit” (camp grill) Francessca and Lydia helped make a TP out of twiglets and grass in the grill. Kaitlin, Savannah, and Lauren helped gather more materials and we all reconvened to create a coal. So showed us how to make a tinder “birds nest” to put the coal in and ignite the fire. At last, fire! The rain picked up and we were able to make a small but roaring fire to gather around as our time at Robin Circle came to a close. A song was sang to honor the fire as we ended our time together, feeling accomplished and warm.



With Gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar & So

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