Return of Winter / Primitive Cooking

On the last Village Day before spring break, it was one of those days that makes me really excited and proud to be doing the work that I am doing.  After a rash of warm, spring weather we got to the land Thursday morning to freezing temperatures and a light snow falling.  The original forecast called for temps in the 40’s and rain all day but Mother Nature had other plans! Them temperature hovered closer to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and snowed for the entire day!

Did that stop the Bobcat Clan or the rest of the Village from having one of the best days of the year?!?!? NO IT DID NOT!

In morning circle, Coyote Clan mentor, Andrew, had a really fun idea: we split into small groups representing all clans and he passed each group an idea for a skit to imagine and perform for the group with a 5 minute turnaround! Some ideas included “Coyotes go to a disco rave” and “A pack of carnivorous trees hunts, while moving but appearing stationary”.  Naturally, there were some hilarious results and brains got stretched in some atypical directions!

When we split up into clans for the day, all with the intentions of cooking different things in different primitive methods, the Bobcat clan had a pretty full slate!

We were planning on making Ponderosa Pine Needle Tea, Cooking Bacon on a Flatrock, and making Banana Boats in the coals! Thanks to a number of super generous parental donations. we had the makings of quite a feast and had a lot of work to get there!

First we carried a coal (and then a second one after that went out) to camp and the clan set to work immediately prepping and starting a beautiful fire!  I had a really nice time working with a few of the boys on splitting wood with an 8 lb maul. It is really great to see enthusiasm from these young men around doing whatever work is needed to serve the community. With this attitude, they will surely be assets wherever their lives takes them!

We needed some of that energy the rest of the day as we worked hard to keep a fire going to make all of our amazing food! Wendy got the VIP helping to devise a Flatrock cooking station where and tiny fire needed to be continuously tended to cook the bacon enough! While that was cooking and the banana boats were on the fire, the kids got creative in their roasting choices! My favorites were the Bacon-wrapped S’mores!

What a day to end on for break! Everyone was full, wet, and happy by the end of the day!

Excited to see everyone tomorrow, looks like one more snow day!

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