Rain & Fire!

This week at Robin Circle, we shared enthusiasm after not seeing each other over Spring Break! So much that we brought out a bow-drill kit and So busted a coal in front of the girls. The girls were excited to nurture the baby coal! There was a spark of inspiration to find materials to start a fire after snack. 

We shared stories of animal sightings and nature wanders as Lydia generously offered some of her cookies. During our share, Lauren, Caitlin and Savannah got curious about the bowdrill kit and started to quietly figure out how to get a coal without any prompting! Lauren and Caitlin collectively tried to get one and Savannah was trying it on her own getting the hang of the bowing and all the parts. 

The weather looked ominous with a possible chance of thunderstorms, so we decided to learn about lightning safety. We shared about the proper body position to be in when there is lightning nearby. As a group, we considered where would be the safest place to go if we found ourselves in danger of lightning. 

After considering ideas for safety, it started to drizzle. We decided it would be best to start looking for materials for fire sooner than later since the rain just started so we went on a Fire Walk. Pinar brought a pine-needle basket they were working on and shared how the snowstorm the previous week caused trees to lose their limbs. “How can downed tree limbs be a resource for fire?” 

Off we went on our Fire Walk and harvested dry grass, “twiglets” (small twigs), twigs, mullein, and dry leaves. Last season, we learned about what was most flammable and how to strategically utilize the material that burned quickly. 


The rain continued as we walked back with hands full of material for the fire. Some of the girls were wondering how we were going to make a fire with the rain! We started off with making a fire structure with the dry grass first then “twiglets” and building up in size. Francesca decided that beauty was needed, so she collected dandelion flowers and put them around the grill we were making our fire in. 


With a sturdy fire structure, So busted another coal and we carefully put it in a tinder bundle and blew it into flames as a group. Robin Circle made a fire in the rain! It was a beautiful accomplishment and a wonderful spring day together!

Wild Blessings,

Pınar, So, Mariah


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