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Hello again!

This week at Robin’s circle was a sunny celebration of spring. The warm sunshine welcomed the birds back which was perfect for our bird themed day. We began our time together letting out some energy in Raccoon Steals Donut, a game similar to red light green light except the “raccoons” work together to steal the donut. RSD is a great way to practice stealth, collaboration, and remaining calm in a timed situation. This is because one person, who is it, guards the donut and all of the raccoons have to sneak up to steal the donut together. After the raccoons steal the donut they have to hide it from the person who is it and back it back across the field without the it person guessing who has the donut. After RSD we moved onto snack and bird skits.

There are 5 different songs that birds sing when they are trying to communicate. Alarm, Junior Begging, Song, Territorial, and Companionship. So, Pinar, and I as well as special guest Arielle performed each of the songs first as birds, then the human version. The girls would guess what they thought was going on after the bird version and then the human version would be performed for further elaboration. After the mentors finished the 5 skits we were treated to a performance by Francessca, Lydia, and Lauren. In which Lauren was a cat chasing a butterfly and Lydia and Francessca were scared baby birds.


After our bird skits we headed to the field to practice our scouting skills. We divided into pairs and each pair made their own bird call. Then with blind folds on, pairs were separated and taken across the field from each other. Each member of the pair would make their unique bird song and try to locate each other through all the other bird noises. The blind folds help us practice our scouting skills because we rely more on our ears and feet to track.


That brought our time together to a close. We missed Savannah and Kaitlin this week, but are excited to share with them our new knowledge of birds :)

With gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar, So, & Arielle


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