One Tired, Hard-working Kiddo

So, last week, the entire 3rd Grade (all of the Chickadees) had an overnight trip to an awesome environmental center in the Foothills and returned about 20 mins before program was supposed to start.   As you might imagine the kids were all just about spent.  One after the other the went by like zombies and letting me know they would not be making it after all.  When all was said and done, only one kid remained: Alden!

I was there as was our volunteer, Rivi, so the Student to Mentor ratio was out of this site!

I brought the materials to make Pine Needle baskets and it proved to be the perfect task for a super tired 3rd grader! We sat by the creek for 2 hours and worked the whole time except for the obligatory tree-climbing break and river exploration and stretch time.
By the end of the day, Alden and Rivi both had pretty good starts on their first pine needle baskets! I am excited to bring this to the rest of the kids who are interested this week!

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