Pounding Yucca in the Rain


A few weeks ago we had one last dash of really cold, wet weather to end the month of March.  Thanks to the parents, because the kids all came dressed for the weather and we had a blast!

We ended up walking the back way to the park and had a sacred question we were holding answered: Where can we find Yucca in/near the park? Well we saw some growing on the far side of the creek! It became our mission to find our way to the Yucca and gather some leaves to try and chew and pound them into paintbrushes and fibers for cordage.

The kids loved chewing on the bottom of the leaf and scraping off the outside with their teeth to make paintbrushes!  When we got back to our home zone, a few kids were really excited to pound some yucca apart into fibers for cordage while the others were excited to find materials to make some “paint” and actually use the brushes!  It was really heartening to see all the kids focus and working hard and barely noticing the constant rain!

Another highlight of the day was finding a blooming patch of tasty and beautiful Wild Violets to nibble on! Spring is yummy!


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