Life & Death

Robin Circle gathered for another sunny Tuesday with intentions of bird watching and shelter building. We started our day together playing raccoon steals donut. Lydia took guard of the donut first and was an amazing guesser, it took the rest of us raccoons several times to steal the donut from her! After playing a game we headed to Robin’s Rock to eat snack and set intentions for the day. We were accompanied by Mrs. Blossom Eater, a pregnant squirrel who was eating blossoms high in a tree above our rock. Mrs. Blossom Eater was incredibly cute and held our attention for 20 minutes. Lydia build an altar to celebrate Mrs. Blossoms pregnancy, while Kaitlin, Francesca, and Savannah took closer inspection of her through binoculars.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)

After our lovely snack and time with Mrs. Blossom Eater, we headed towards the creek to look for a good shelter location. Pinar taught us the 5 W’s of shelter building: Water, Wood, Weather, Widow Makers, and Wiggles.  Looking for a good spot to build a shelter Kaitlin spotted the remains of a Northern Flicker whose bright orange feathers stood out. We learned that the Flicker had been eaten by a larger bird predator because it’s feathers had been picked clean rather than sheared off as another predator would have. Several body parts were found in the remains and this opened up a good discussion of the cycle of life. So and Pinar left the girls with the following message. Death is necessary and beautiful, the Northern Flicker’s life gave nutrients to the bird that ate it and the bugs the feated on its remains. Those bugs then returned the nutrients to the land to help the plants grow, and those plants helped feed the living things that surrounded them.


We began our time together with the life in Mrs. Blossom Eater, and ended it with the death of a Northern Flicker. It was a great day of learning and connection to nature for the girls.

With Gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar, & So

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