Meet a Tree

Robin’s Circle began with a game of Fire in the Forrest. Lauren started off as the person in the middle was it and picked monkey, rabbit, and flying fish. The girls on the side lines each picked an animal and ran across the field trying not get tagged when Lauren called their animal. After Fire in the Forrest we had snack by the fire pit. Lydia brought the grave offering she made for the Northern Flicker that we found last week, and while she was showing us her offering a Northern Flicker visited us and sang a song. During snack we discussed eating wild plants and their medicinal benefits.


Our tummies satisfied we played meet a tree in the lower field. We divided into pairs, one partner would be blindfolded and the other would be leading them to a tree. The blindfolded partner would touch, smell, taste, and hug the tree trying to get an understanding of the barks texture, the leaf shape and branch height so that they could identify the tree without their blind fold. Francessca found he tree on the first guess.


With the time we had left, we went over the five bird songs: song, companionship, territorial, junior begging, and alarm. Lauren, Lydia, and Francessca helped go over the 5 songs to fill in Savannah and Kaitlin who were gone that week. Our time together came to a close playfully with a spin through the play ground on our way back to the shelter.


With gratitude,

Mariah, So, & Pinar


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