Robin Circle met for a drizzly Tuesday at Chautauqua. FullSizeRender.jpgWe began our time together playing Noodle Ninja and practicing our stealth skills. Noodle Ninja is a game where one person stands in the middle of the circle blind folded and tries to use their intuition and ears to hit the people that are trying to sneak up on them, and tag them with the noodle.




After some noodle fun we had snack and were visited by our friend Mrs. Blossom Eater (a pregnant squirrel that has nested by the picnic shelter) and we followed her up a near by tree. It was a learning experience because Mrs. Blossom was storing food in her cheeks which was awesome to see. Lydia had the idea to leave Mrs. Blossom Eater an offering and Pinar happened to have some seeds that would be perfect. All the girls contributed to leave Mrs. Blossom a wonderful offering.


The rain picked up and we layered up to go on a wander with the intention of finding bird activity. When walking through the residential area at the base of Chautauqua we were surprised by the high amounts of bird activity. We saw Hatch Nut’s, Mag Pie’s, and Robin’s on our way, and asked the girls why they thought there were more birds here than by our picnic shelter. Lauren said that it was because the houses provided more shelter and there were more trees. We came back to the picnic shelter to escape the rain and had a lovely dinner and entertainment provided by the girls as our time came to a close.

With gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar, & So



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