Making Pine Needle Baskets


Over the past few weeks, the Chickadees have been working hard! I wanted to give them the opportunity to take on a project that would take some time, focus and hand-eye coordination! If they were up to the challenge, the boys were invited to stitch together a Pine Needle Basket using wood slices I prepped at home, artificial sinew or thread and Ponderosa Pine needles.

I hadn’t posted this one yet because some of the boys wanted to give thier baskets to Momma’s for Mother’s Day! I hope those that got them enjoyed them and appreciate all of the hard work that went into these!

It takes a lot of focus and concentration to complete one of these Pine Needle Baskets! With this in mind a few of the boys decided that coming from a full day of school they would be better served by moving thier bodies and exploring the natural world in different ways.  During these times: crayfish were caught, trees were climbed, dead squirrels discovered (then examined and buried), dams built, snakes handled, spring wild plants eaten and more! There can be much magic in these times and the kids working on the basket bounced back and forth between these two worlds!

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