Robin’s Circle gathered for a beautiful sunny Tuesday. Orientation was the theme of the day, and we started off practicing our awareness and orientation skills in a blind fold game. Dividing into pairs one partner was blindfolded and the other partner stood in one spot. The blindfolded partner tried their best to walk in a straight line and after 20 feet would stop and using the other still partner as a measurement would determine which foot was dominant from which direction they swayer. This practice helps you when you are lost because you are aware you are more likely to go a certain direction based on which foot is dominant.

Pinar shared a personal story with us about getting lost when sheep herding in Arizona and how orientation is a crucial skill for survival. Donning the blindfolds again, each girl was blindfolded and stood across the field from Pinar. Pinar had a drum, and was lightly drumming while the girls practiced their fox walking and deer ears to make their way across the field to Pinar.

Our final activity of the way was a scavenger hunt. Some of the items on the list such as bark an elk scratched, mountain sage, and deer poop were all found previously at Robin’s Circle in the deer meadow. It was a good orientation practice to remember how to find something, and we found several of the items on the list including deer poop, mountain sage, and fur. The scavenger hunt brought our time together to a close :)

With Gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar & So

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