Our final circle together was filled with appreciation and fun. So and Pinar could not join us, but Arielle was and brought her joyful and playful presence. We began our short time together playing foxtails, a favorite of the girls. After getting out our energy, we sat together for an appreciation circle. So and Pinar had prepared beautiful words of appreciation for the girls in advance to be read and given to them. Sharing with each other the girls were honest and heartfelt about what they appriciated most. Lydia was appreciated for her kind heart and ability to make others happy. Kaitlin was appreciated for her observation skills and joke telling. Lauren was appreciated for her silliness and love of learning. Savannah was appriciated for her scouting skills and love of adventure. Finally, Francessca was appreciated for her leadership and ability to make others feel better. Though our time together was short we shared beautiful memories of the season and celebrated with family and food during the potluck. Cheers to a great Robin’s Circle and many more to come!

With Gratitude,

Mariah, Arielle, Pinar, & So

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