Our curriculum is organized around the four directions and four elements: north/earth, east/air, south/fire and west/water. 

We start in the North, with the Earth element, focusing on helping girls enjoy and celebrate the magnificence of their bodies and the body of the Earth. We run, hike, swim, dance and play on the Earth. We learn how to take care of the Earth’s body and our own bodies. Through meeting challenges we develop resilience and problem solving skills.

In the East, we connect with the element of Air and the capacities of our minds. We use our minds to solve mysteries and make discoveries. We learn how to transform negative self-talk into positive affirmations aimed towards meeting our goals and intentions. We harness the power of words to share our true thoughts and feelings and show up as our most authentic selves.

In the South, we dance with Fire and the transformational power of joy and passion. We discover what we love, what lights us up. We develop a positive identity by recognizing our strengths, embracing our challenges, and feeling grateful for being exactly who we are. We learn to source our creativity and channel our energy to imagine and manifest anything we desire. 

In the West, we connect with the power of Water and our emotions. Our emotions are our internal guidance system, which tells us in each moment whether or not our needs are getting met. We develop emotional intelligence by paying attention to how we feel, learning to identify our needs, and asking for a course correction to stay true to our values. We cultivate our intuition by sensing and listening deeply to others and ourselves.

While our curriculum has lofty goals, we achieve them by creating a regenerative culture that we steep girls in year after year, season by season. Our programs are led by experienced mentors with a broad base of work and life experience, and our staff to participant ratio never goes higher than 1 mentor per 6 girls, so girls get focused attention and actual hands-on mentoring.

Growing into who we want to be takes time, practice, and careful tending. Each piece of the curriculum is delivered in age appropriate ways and layered over itself with each pass through the cycle of the seasons. Each year the teachings and practices of the previous year are reinforced, expanded and deepened as the girls grow into young women.

Because we, the girls we serve, and the world around us are constantly changing, our curriculum is ever evolving and grows organically from many sources of inspiration: the latest research on girls development, best practices in girls outdoor programming, deep nature-connection mentoring, women’s wisdom traditions, earth-based ceremonial practices, tools for personal growth and transformation from the human potential movement, the earth, sky and all the elements of nature, and the girls themselves.

To find out more contact us, come to an open house (dates TBA soon), and be sure to check out our camps this summer.