If you have skills in any of the following areas and would like to donate your time, please contact us at info@feetontheearth.org. We are happy to train you and get you started in any of these areas.

We are also always looking for qualified interns to help in our programs. This a great way to learn first hand what we do. See the Internships page on for more details.

Getting the word out (Outreach)
  • Create flyers, postcards and other beautiful marketing material for FOTE
  • Distribute flyers and tell other parents about FOTE.
  • Table at a community event
  • Create videos about FOTE that:
    • Capture us teaching skills.
    • Highlight our mission and curriculum.
    • Show us having fun on programs with kids
  • Social Media
    • Post relevant and engaging content on our Facebook and Instagram pages 1-7 x/week
    • Set up YouTube channel for FOTE
  • Website
    • Set-up Goggle Analytics
    • Help with search engine optimization for FOTE
  • Public Relations
    • Setup interviews with local media
    • Write press releases for FOTE events
    • Create a press kit for FOTE to distribute
  • Set up talks/presentations at schools and with local organizations
  • Help develop a Marketing Plan for FOTE
  • Help FOTE create a Brand Identity
Taking care of business (Administrative)
  • Track program registration, payments and forms
  • Create program rosters
  • Prepare and print medical forms for programs
  • Create sign in/sign out sheets for programs
  • Put together program binders
Becoming more sustainable (Organizational Development)
  • Legal/Regulatory
    • Help with zoning review for Lefthand Canyon program site.
    • Review liability waiver and update if needed
  • Business/Financial
    • Review prior year financial statements to assess profitability of different programs
    • Create financial projections for future programs
    • Help create a 3-5 year financial plan for FOTE
  • Strengthen Community Relations
    • Have meetings with potential community partners to see how we can support each other’s efforts
    • Conduct SWOT analysis community interviews
    • Serve as a parent liaison
    • Help plan and organize community events. Ex: Quarterly gatherings
  • Recruit staff
    • Help develop long-term staff positions and write job descriptions
    • Help create a payscale for staff based on training, experience and years of service with FOTE
    • Post job descriptions for staff openings
    • Help conduct initial staff interviews
Increasing financial support (Fundraising)
  • Help create a Fundraising Plan for FOTE
  • Research and register FOTE for 5% day type opportunities
  • Set up and/or help get the word out about free ways for people to donate to FOTE
    • King Soopers gift cards
    • Amazon Smile
    • Giving Assistant
    • Affiliate programs
  • Help dream up an annual fundraising event for FOTE
  • Help organize a fundraising event
  • Connect FOTE with local and national business that could provide sponsorship
  • Connect FOTE with potential individual donors
  • Research potential foundation (grant) support for FOTE
  • Help write grants
Caring for our program site and equipment (Maintenance)
  • Help organize a spring and fall work parties on the land
  • Lead or do a work project on the land
    • Cut and stack wood from fallen trees
    • Create a beautiful path from bridge to back trail
    • Help with invasive plant removal
    • Clean all fire pits & disappear any extras
    • Mouse proof supply trailer

Feel free to suggest additions to this list based on your experience and expertise. Thank you.