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Our final circle together was filled with appreciation and fun. So and Pinar could not join us, but Arielle was and brought her joyful and playful presence. We began our short time together playing foxtails, a favorite of the girls. After getting out our… Continue Reading “Farewell”


We shared a sweet Robin’s Circle together this past Tuesday. We started our day off with a game of tree tag. So led us by calling out the name of a plant or tree that we had to touch to be safe. The girls… Continue Reading “Honey”


Robin’s Circle gathered for a beautiful sunny Tuesday. Orientation was the theme of the day, and we started off practicing our awareness and orientation skills in a blind fold game. Dividing into pairs one partner was blindfolded and the other partner stood in one… Continue Reading “Orientation”

Making Pine Needle Baskets

  Over the past few weeks, the Chickadees have been working hard! I wanted to give them the opportunity to take on a project that would take some time, focus and hand-eye coordination! If they were up to the challenge, the boys were invited… Continue Reading “Making Pine Needle Baskets”


Robin Circle met for a drizzly Tuesday at Chautauqua. We began our time together playing Noodle Ninja and practicing our stealth skills. Noodle Ninja is a game where one person stands in the middle of the circle blind folded and tries to use their intuition… Continue Reading “Drizzle”

Meet a Tree

Robin’s Circle began with a game of Fire in the Forrest. Lauren started off as the person in the middle was it and picked monkey, rabbit, and flying fish. The girls on the side lines each picked an animal and ran across the field… Continue Reading “Meet a Tree”

Life & Death

Robin Circle gathered for another sunny Tuesday with intentions of bird watching and shelter building. We started our day together playing raccoon steals donut. Lydia took guard of the donut first and was an amazing guesser, it took the rest of us raccoons several… Continue Reading “Life & Death”

One Tired, Hard-working Kiddo

So, last week, the entire 3rd Grade (all of the Chickadees) had an overnight trip to an awesome environmental center in the Foothills and returned about 20 mins before program was supposed to start.   As you might imagine the kids were all just about… Continue Reading “One Tired, Hard-working Kiddo”

Pounding Yucca in the Rain

  A few weeks ago we had one last dash of really cold, wet weather to end the month of March.  Thanks to the parents, because the kids all came dressed for the weather and we had a blast! We ended up walking the back… Continue Reading “Pounding Yucca in the Rain”

Tweet Tweet

Hello again! This week at Robin’s circle was a sunny celebration of spring. The warm sunshine welcomed the birds back which was perfect for our bird themed day. We began our time together letting out some energy in Raccoon Steals Donut, a game similar… Continue Reading “Tweet Tweet”