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Sun, Moon, Stars

Last week at the Village, we divided up in a different way then normal! After So told everyone an amazing true story about someone named Faun who didn’t necessarily feel like a boy or a girl.  When Faun’s class of adults had to opportunity… Continue Reading “Sun, Moon, Stars”

Getting Organized

This week, we sat down with the boys in the warm sun on a chilly morning and talked about how Coyote Clan works.  In the last couple of weeks, James, Marcus and I have been talking about how best to support their transition into… Continue Reading “Getting Organized”

New April Stories

The last few weeks with Coyote Clan have been really rich in new experiences and deep learning- the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime. Cultivating fire-tending as a metaphor for stewarding our own physical, emotional, and creative needs, James, Marcus and I have… Continue Reading “New April Stories”

Scouting Metal Monsters

Today we arrived in the chilly wind of this early-spring morning to find that FEMA’s under-informed and carelessly incentivized contractors had plowed much of the post-flood creek bed, clearing many of our forts and gardens and a great deal of habitat for all kinds of… Continue Reading “Scouting Metal Monsters”

Fire Burning Bright

This week when we met the sun was a little lower in the sky than it has been recently.  It was a beautiful morning to hear the birds announcing their newly forming territories as the light grew in the sky and poured soft pastel… Continue Reading “Fire Burning Bright”

Making Coals and Burning Bowls

This beautiful day of early March, we met early by the driveway with the weekend’s snow still blanketing the ground.  Coyote tracks criss-crossed the narrow dirt road.  When a couple of us decided to explore the old canal bed, now dry, we discovered something… Continue Reading “Making Coals and Burning Bowls”

Clear Day Fire-making

The dense morning fog rolled back as beams of the rising sun cut through.  A thin film of ice covered everything, but quickly melted away into dampness as the day warmed up quickly.  We left right away for the far side of the snow-melt… Continue Reading “Clear Day Fire-making”

A day of Wind and Warmth

Strong gusts of cool wind buffeted us this morning and blew sand in our faces, tearing down the canyon in bursts from North to South.  The trees creaked and groaned intimidatingly around us, and intermittent clouds hid us from much of the Sun’s warmth.… Continue Reading “A day of Wind and Warmth”

2 Weeks’ Story

After more blanketing snow last week, Coyote Clan gathered in our morning circle to give thanks and talk about the day ahead.  The crisp air quickly filled with anticipation for the tracking adventures we might find in the white-washed trail-crossed land before us.  … Continue Reading “2 Weeks’ Story”

A Snowy January Day

Low, slow-moving clouds covered the sky, glowing light gray with daylight but still shedding snowflakes on the valley.  Up high on the eastward mountainside, a small herd of deer looking like specks foraged what they could find amid the layers of frost and fluff.… Continue Reading “A Snowy January Day”