What is the mentor-to-camper ratio?

Part of what makes FOTE unique is our small camp size and low staff to camper ratio. Each camp group consists of 12 campers plus two experienced mentors. We have one paid mentor for every six children.  Sometimes our staff to child ratio is as low as one to three due to our highly trained interns who volunteer at camp.  Our commitment is to keep our camp numbers low so we can deeply connect with each camper. We believe that children deserve a personalized, empowering, fun, and unique camp experience with friends and mentors they trust.  

What kind of training do your staff have?

All our paid staff are professional educators with extensive outdoor education experience and a depth of knowledge about mentoring, the natural world, and children’s development. All staff is certified in first aid and CPR.  Our lead staff also have additional training in wilderness emergency medicine and medication administration.

Why do you have all girls camps?

Extensive research has shown that all children are more likely to take social-emotional risks and step outside of gender norms in a single sex environment. Research with girls shows that they are more likely to engage in hands-on physical activities and learning in an all-female group. A single sex group provides a safe environment to challenge and dismantle gender stereotypes, provide opportunities to try new activities, and surround girls with positive female role models.

How are children who are non-binary or transgender included in camps?

For single-sex camps, children are grouped according to their affirmed gender. Transgender and non-binary identified children are welcome in any camp that matches their interests and age group, and all children are supported to use their preferred pronouns.

Are mothers/female role models required to attend the Moon Sisters camp out?

The Thursday overnight is a unique and special experience that the girls spend the week preparing for. We will share a potluck dinner and then participate in a Red Tent ceremony that includes a women’s wisdom council with the girls. If for some reason you are unable to stay overnight, please plan to participate in Thursday evening’s activities with your daughter and if you’re able, rejoin us in the morning for breakfast. We want each girl to have a female role model with her at the Red Tent.

Where do camps take place?

On Monday we meet at Chautauqua Park in Boulder. We gather at the covered picnic area behind Chautauqua Auditorium (not the ranger cottage or main lawn). At least one day each week we will meet at our field trip site at the bottom of Lefthand Canyon (directions are included in the welcome packet). We will let you know by the end of each day of camp where the next day’s activities will take place.

Are you a licensed child care provider?

Yes, FOTE is licensed by the State of Colorado as a child care provider.  We are supervised by the State and adhere to all of its regulations while carrying out our programs.  A copy of our State of Colorado Child Care license and inspection reviews are available upon request.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

Yes, we are proud to have the community support that allows us to offer discounts and scholarships. We offer early registration discount of $30 off per camp when you register by March 15. 

We also offer a family and multi-camp discount of $25 off per child per camp for families that enroll more than one child and/or who enroll in multiple weeks of camp.

You can download the scholarship application here. Applications will be accepted beginning March 1. Scholarships will be reviewed and awarded beginning April 15. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to the families with the greatest need.

My child is almost 7 years old.  Can she/he/they attend camp?

Your child must be 7 years old or have completed first grade by the first day of the camp they want to attend.  We are unable to make any exceptions to this Colorado state law.

My child has an allergy, asthma or other medical condition and may need to take medication while at camp.  Can you accommodate this?

We can accommodate your child’s needs provided that ALL medication (including over-the-counter medicine) is accompanied by medical forms that have been completed and signed by the child’s physician. The necessary forms and instructions on how to complete them can be found on our registration page

Medicine should never be placed in a child’s backpack; rather it should be given directly to the mentors and the mentors informed of any medication the child might need to have administered during camp hours.  FOTE is not able to accept medication without a physician-signed form.