Summer Camps

All 2020 Summer Camps Are Cancelled

As of May 14th, Boulder County Public Health has NOT approved re-opening of mobile and outdoor-based school-age child care programs, this includes day camps like Feet On The Earth. With all the uncertainty, we feel it is prudent to cancel all 2020 summer camps at this time. We are sad to make this decision, but believe it is the best choice we can make under the circumstances. Please contact us with any questions. We wish you and your family a safe and fun summer.

All camps take place in the foothills near Boulder, Colorado.

Camp runs from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. On Friday we invite the rest of the family to join us from 3-5 pm for a closing potluck celebration. Please include the potluck into your plans for the week(s) your child attends camp.

This summer we are excited to continue sharing a revitalized curriculum inspired by the four elements of earth, air, water and fire that we are developing for our girls programs.

Our aim is to guide girls to engage the power of their bodies, minds and hearts to pursue their passion and purpose in life. When girls are aligned with themselves, connected with what matters most to them, and have simple yet powerful tools, they grow into women who able to bring their unique gifts to the world in a way that is of service to others and a joyful celebration of who they are. Read more here.

Creek Play
Daughters of the Earth
for girls* 7-9 years old

June 8-12 (Session 1)
June 22-26 (Session 2)

$395/week ($365/week if registered before March 1)

In this sacred nature camp for girls, we will explore the elements of earth, air, fire and water as they guide us to learn to enjoy our bodies, explore our minds, and become aware of our hearts and spirits.

Can you call chickadees to you by imitating their song? Where do the animals sleep during the day and how could you find one sleeping now? As a Daughter of the Earth you will explore nature’s mysteries and magic by gathering herbs, meeting plants, cooking food, making maps and tracking animals by the creek. Each day is a new adventure! One day we might go on a scavenger hunt in search of nature’s treasures and the next we’ll build a fairy village. We will learn to tune into the sounds, smells, and textures of nature in order to cultivate our intuition. Through performing stories, singing silly songs, playing awesome games, and making nature-based crafts, we’ll practice connecting with our emotions and respecting those of others. 

Girls who come to this camp may come home full of giggles, with stories of new friends – human and wild – and LOTS of cool things they want to show to you the next time you go outside together. Register now

“I just wanted to share Rose’s first words in the car yesterday: ‘That was the most awesome day of my life.’ FOTE has a huge fan.” – Paula
Rock Dyes
Sisters of the Earth
for girls* 10-12 years old

June 15-19

$395/week ($365/week if registered before March 1)

As a Sister of the Earth, we will work with the natural elements of earth, air, fire and water as we engage the energy of our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. 

Want to find out how to listen to the voice of nature and follow its guidance to surprising discoveries? The animals, plants, and birds will teach us about invisibility and stealth, and how to flow with the energy that makes magical things happen. We’ll play lots of games, explore ceremonial practices, make nature-based crafts, gain new hands-on skills for living close to the Earth, and share our hearts through stories and song.  Through symbolic communication with nature, we will identify and transform our emotions in order to create our desired experiences.  We will attune to plants and animals in order to develop our intuition. 

Girls who come to this camp may discover that they feel as much “at home” in nature as they do in their living room, that they love being true to themselves as much as they love being a good friend, and that they can’t wait to go back outside! Register now

“My girl left camp empowered, centered and nourished from the earth.” – Angela
Girls in the Flowers
Moon Sisters for girls* 12-14 years old

June 29-July 3

$475/week ($440/week if registered before March 1)

Do you know the mysteries of the moon? Want to find out how the cycles of nature can help you understand your own rhythms and changing wants and needs? As a Moon Sister, you can explore the many facets of being a girl on the cusp of young womanhood while being part of a supportive sisterhood and having fun. We’ll play lots of games, make moon baskets, share our hearts through stories and songs, learn the way of council circles, and create simple earth-based ceremonies and crafts that help us stay grounded and nourished through life’s changes. Moon Sisters is here to help girls develop nature-connected self-care routines, grow their ability to support each other, and hone each girl’s ability to access her inner gifts and courage. 

During an overnight campout on Thursday, girls and their Mothers/Female Caregivers will discover the magic of the Red Tent where we will connect with the blood mysteries and the shared experience of the Red Thread. Women will offer the blessings and wisdom gathered from their lives through an evening council while the girls will share the baskets and crafts they made to celebrate their moontime.  

This camp includes a mother/female caregiver-daughter overnight on Thursday. (Note: camp fee is $475 with the overnight). Register now

“The gifts that you have given Julia (independence, self confidence, awareness of her leadership abilities, myriad of nature skills, and community) are priceless. These things enrich her as a person, and will remain with her her entire life.” – Steve
*For single sex camps children are grouped according to their affirmed gender and supported to use their preferred pro-nouns. Non-binary identified youth are welcome to attend any camp that matches their interest and age level.
Bow Drilling
Mentor-in-Training (MIT) Summer Camp Training

June 4 & 5: Girls*, 13-17 years old

$100 for the training (see below for how MITs earn this back)

Are you excited to share your skills and enthusiasm for nature-connection with others? This is your chance to give back to the community while deepening your own learning. Mentors-in-Training are directly involved with everything we do at camp, while receiving support and guidance to practice teaching skills to others and leading camp activities. This training will get you ready and is required for all new MITs. We’ll dive into the skills and activities shared during camp and fill you in on the behind the scenes awareness that makes the magic happen. Plus, we’ll do all the regular fun stuff ourselves, including playing sneaking games and going on adventures. MITs earn $100 credit towards a camp or future program of their choice for each week they serve as an MIT, up to $200 maximum credit amount.

– Be at least 13 years old by June 1
– Know and love our community culture and the skills we teach. Generally this means having prior experience participating in our programs.

MIT applications are accepted on a rolling basis until May 1. MIT positions are filled on a first come first serve basis. Use this link to download the MIT application.

FOTE is a licensed childcare provider in the State of Colorado and our camps meet all Boulder County Public Health requirements for childcare programs.

We offer Family and Multi-camp Discounts, Payment Plans, Work Trade and Scholarships to ensure that all families who want to participate in our programs are able. Contact us for details or download the Scholarship Application here.

Scholarship applications are accepted beginning March 1. Applications will be reviewed and scholarships awarded beginning April 15. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to the families with the greatest need.

To view our cancellation policy click here.