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Week 1: Relearning the Land

Welcome back, Hawk Circle families! We had a joyous first day at Chautauqua last Monday. We welcomed our wonderful new intern, Melissa. In order to welcome her into the circle, we began our day with an epic snowball fight! The snow was just perfect… Continue Reading “Week 1: Relearning the Land”

Bobcats Reach New Heights!

  After a month long break, it was great to be back on the land up Left Hand Canyon where we are lucky enough to run our Village Day! The day was beautiful, cold and sunny! Colorado Bluebird Sky for days! The whole Village seemed… Continue Reading “Bobcats Reach New Heights!”

Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration

Dear Hawk Circle Families, Pinar, Rivi and I want to extend our deepest gratitude to you all for joining us for the beautiful potluck celebration this past Monday! What a wonderful gathering it was! We are impressed by your ability to stick out the… Continue Reading “Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration”

Week 8: Working in community

Today was a day filled with community. What a wonderful thing it is to come together as a group – working and playing for the benefit of all! The day started out with something new – Brady, one of the mentors for Magpie circle… Continue Reading “Week 8: Working in community”

Week 7: Delving deeper into hiding

I see, I remember. I do, I understand. I do again, I understand even more! This week was one of those weeks where our plan changed throughout the day. Those days are my favorite, because we are able to really go with the flow… Continue Reading “Week 7: Delving deeper into hiding”

WEEK 1: Welcome Wander

Howdy Chickadee Clan Families! My name is Patrick and I have the privilege of getting to take the boys of Chickadee Circle out into the semi-urban wilds every week! I just moved to town this month after moving out with my lovely wife from the… Continue Reading “WEEK 1: Welcome Wander”

WEEK 2: The flock strengthens and bonds

Our second week was our first one with all 5 boys. This is a really solid group and I think everyone is going to really help take care of each other! I am excited to see where the year takes us. Today the crew… Continue Reading “WEEK 2: The flock strengthens and bonds”

Week 13: Rainy Day Potluck and “See ya later!”‘s for Summer!

It is always bittersweet when we reach our final day of a season of Robin Circle. To celebrate another absolutely wonderful program, we did a special ceremony of love and appreciation for each girl in the program. Ann and I created little appreciation cards… Continue Reading “Week 13: Rainy Day Potluck and “See ya later!”‘s for Summer!”

Week 11: Camouflaged

This week’s Robin Circle was a bit on the chilly side, as the forest was soaked with the weekend’s rain. We decided to stay warm by wandering in the forest and playing a perpetual game of Camouflage, or Eagle-Eye. The girls began with Thanksgiving… Continue Reading “Week 11: Camouflaged”

Listen with the Ears of a Deer… Jay Circle Update

We had a sneaky day this week in Jay Circle, and sneaking is an important skill for being able to walk through nature unnoticed and see lots of wildlife!  We started the day with our most beloved running game “Fire in the Forest”: the… Continue Reading “Listen with the Ears of a Deer… Jay Circle Update”