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Week 1: Relearning the Land

Welcome back, Hawk Circle families! We had a joyous first day at Chautauqua last Monday. We welcomed our wonderful new intern, Melissa. In order to welcome her into the circle, we began our day with an epic snowball fight! The snow was just perfect… Continue Reading “Week 1: Relearning the Land”

A Song of Fire!

This past week was our last session of Village Day for the entire Fall and Bobcat Clan really stepped up and showed us what they are made of! Our amazing Elder Jane (who drives from SE Denver each week just because she loves your kids… Continue Reading “A Song of Fire!”

Challenges? Bring ’em on!

  On the last class before Thanksgiving, we wanted a way to stretch out and explore the landscape as well as continue to allow the friendships in the clan to flourish! Our answer was a hike to high ground – and a special appearance… Continue Reading “Challenges? Bring ’em on!”

Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration

Dear Hawk Circle Families, Pinar, Rivi and I want to extend our deepest gratitude to you all for joining us for the beautiful potluck celebration this past Monday! What a wonderful gathering it was! We are impressed by your ability to stick out the… Continue Reading “Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration”

Final weeks at Robin Circle

Our last two weeks at Robin Circle were joyous, full of play and celebration! During week 9, we spent the day at play. We played a long game of Raccoon Steals Donut, one of our groups’ favorites. After practicing our sneaking and teamwork skills,… Continue Reading “Final weeks at Robin Circle”

Week 8: Working in community

Today was a day filled with community. What a wonderful thing it is to come together as a group – working and playing for the benefit of all! The day started out with something new – Brady, one of the mentors for Magpie circle… Continue Reading “Week 8: Working in community”

Week Six: Hawks practice Camouflage and Stalking!

Dear Hawk Circle Families, Today was a busy day of exploring for the Hawks! To begin, we decided it was a good day to remind the group about our four agreements, just as a refresher. We talked about how important it is to make… Continue Reading “Week Six: Hawks practice Camouflage and Stalking!”

Week Five: Nature Names and Awareness

Dear Hawk Circle Families, Over the years, we have had the pleasure of watching your daughters grow in so many ways! Not only have they grown taller, but their nature connection has deepened so much more than we could have imagined! Today we continued… Continue Reading “Week Five: Nature Names and Awareness”

Week Six: Friction Fire Challenge!

Dear Robin Circle Families, Each time we meet with this wonderful group, we are all so impressed with the maturity, patience, and intelligence of each of your daughters. We are able to challenge them beyond what we could have imagined, and they are so… Continue Reading “Week Six: Friction Fire Challenge!”

Week 5: Getting in touch with our senses

Our senses are our innate connection to the natural world. We hear the rustle in the bushes of an oncoming predator, we see a safe and special spot for shelter, we taste what nourishes us and what ails us, we smell the soothing scent… Continue Reading “Week 5: Getting in touch with our senses”