Thank you for registering for Summer Camp

We look forward to many wonderful adventures together!
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Click on the links below to open the Parent Handbook and Welcome Packets for camp. Once the file opens you can download or print it. 

Parent Handbook: Parent Handbook

For Daughters of the Earth and Sisters of the Earth Camps: Day Camp Welcome Packet

For Moon SistersMoon Sisters Welcome Packet

For Mentor-in-Training ProgramMentor-in-Training Program Welcome Packet

Use the following links to download the appropriate Immunization Form and any Medical Action Forms you need for your child:

Certificate of Immunization
Medical Exemption Form
Non-Medical Exemption Form

Instructions for Medical Action Plans
Medication Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan
Anaphylaxis Action Plan

You must submit your immunization form and any required medical action forms two weeks prior to camp.

We cannot allow childern to participate in camp without an Immunization Form on file in our office.

You can email your form to
or mail it to PO Box 18302, Boulder, CO 80308.

Download the scholarship application here

 Scholarship applications are accepted beginning March 1. Applications will be reviewed and scholarships awarded beginning April 15. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to the families with the greatest need.

You can email your application to
or mail it to PO Box 18302, Boulder, CO 80308.

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