Find the Greatest Teriyaki in the United States in Seattle

Canlis chef Aisha Ibrahim recommends the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Seattle.

Aisha Ibrahim's Seattle

Left to right: Caroline Purser / Getty Images; Eva Kolenko; Courtesy of Toshi's Teriyaki Grill

As a newcomer, chef Aisha Ibrahim was blown away by Seattle’s diverse food landscape. “Much like other West Coast cities, it has a historic dining scene for long-standing AAPI businesses,” she says. “There are quite a number of long-celebrated restaurants that truly represent the history of food in America.” Since moving to Seattle to become executive chef of Canlis, the 2023 F&W Best New Chef has used her free time to explore, getting to know the city and everything it has to offer. Here’s what she’s learned and where she recommends you visit on your next trip to Seattle. 

Teriyaki town

“Seattle is such a strong teriyaki city, so much so that we decided to put our own version of teriyaki on the menu at Canlis. So far, Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill has been my favorite.”

Dim sum brunch

Joyale Seafood Restaurant serves up some delicious and legitimate dim sum. It’s a perfect Sunday brunch spot to grab a seat with a small group of friends and share delicious food.”

Pastry road trip

“I would hands down recommend everyone to venture out to Bothell to check out a small pastry shop called T55 Pâtisserie. They have exceptional pastries that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Yes, there is always a wait, and yes, it is absolutely worth it.”

A night out

“My wife and I are simple eaters on a night off. Our go-to spot is Spinasse as well as their sister restaurant, Artusi. They just nail simple food and execution, and their service is always solid, genuine, and unpretentious. Their tajarin pasta with cultured butter and sage with a glass of wine is a great night out. I also love our dates at Sushi Kashiba. We snagged some counter seats and did omakase with sake flights. It was a great product, delicious, and just a relaxing experience that I’d love to have again.”

A platter from Sushi Kashiba
A platter from Sushi Kashiba.

Courtesy of Sushi Kashiba

Team meal

“I have enjoyed the few nights out after service in which my team and I shared some late-night dim sum. It’s been a fun, occasional tradition after a hard night where as many as 28 of us grab three giant tables and share some late-night Chinese food at Honey Court.”

Grocery haul

Uwajimaya and PCC Community Markets have got to be my favorite local grocery stores. When I toured Seattle to consider the job at Canlis, I fell in love with both of them.”

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